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Information Type Asia/Pacific | Korea
Date Updated 2016-03-28
Subject 2016 Hyundai Motor Energizing Project for Taxi Drivers
2016 Hyundai Motor Energizing Project for Taxi Drivers (1)

2016 Hyundai Motor Energizing Project for Taxi Drivers

Visiting the opening ceremony of the 'Energizing Station' and 'Energizing Bus' for taxi drivers

Hyundai Motor Company has been working hard to keep the roads safe through diverse community contributions and activities. In 2016, this  concern and passion of Hyundai Motor Company has resulted in  a special project to promote  road safety, which is called "Health Care Project for Taxi Drivers." Recently, concern has been growing concern about the increasing  number of ageing taxi drivers and that their health condition is causing an increase in the incidence of  car accidents. The average of number of kilometers driven by a taxi driver in a day is 250. Yet, usually taxi drivers have less than an hour for their break, which often leads to various health problems related to the nervous system  and spinal cord. These health issues regarding  taxi drivers can result in car accidents and threaten the lives of citizens.

Hyundai Motor was  concerned about such problems and determined to help f taxi drivers in a special way by initiating the  'Health Care Project.' This project consists of two parts. One is "Energizing Station" and the other is "Energizing Bus." Taxi drivers can use these two resources  their break time and get some advice about how to improve their health condition. Hyundai Motor seeks to  promote  safe road conditions for  all  passengers through this project by caring for the health of taxi drivers.

2016 Hyundai Motor Energizing Project for Taxi Drivers (2)

2016 Hyundai Motor Energizing Project for Taxi Drivers (3)

'Energizing Station' and 'Energizing Bus' are supported by Hyundai Motor, SK Gas, and Korea Sports Promotion Foundation. 'Energizing Station' is located in Jang Am LPG station and in 5 other areas. 'Energizing Bus' circulates among places where many taxi drivers are found.

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On March 8, people  gathered at Jang Am LPG station to celebrate the opening of 'Energizing Station' and 'Energizing Bus.' Among them were representatives  from Hyundai Motor who  had worked hard to become road safety keepers. Also, there were guests from SK Gas and Korea Sports Promotion Foundation that have joined forces with  Hyundai Motor  to support the new project. Nevertheless,  the main guests of this opening ceremony were the taxi drivers.

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"You drive over 250 kilometers a day in a period of  10 hours. You should know that your safety is our safety," said Soonyung Jung, the sales business director of Hyundai Motor Company, to the taxi drivers gathered to hear his opening greeting statement. He expressed his gratitude toward them for their hard work on the road as well as expressing his support for them. People clapped when he promised to keep supporting  road safety measures for the sake of local  communities.

Following his remarks there were greetings delivered by the other collaborators in the project. Wanghui Jang, the Sk Gas director, encouraged taxi drivers to provide safe trips for  passengers and provide  better services as they use 'Energizing Station.' Kyungchan Ann, the business executive of Korea Sports Promotion Foundation, encouraged taxi drivers to  stay healthy until 100 years old through  the help of the  national health care program, 'Physical Strength up to 100 years old.' Hongkyu Ann, a taxi driver, expressed his  appreciation for  everyone who attended  the ceremony. He said that he would use the 'Energizing Station' as often as he could and seek to serve the community with his best efforts.

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2016 Hyundai Motor Energizing Project for Taxi Drivers (8)

After the greetings were delivered, there was a  very special moment, the moment that everyone had been  waiting for. It was to see 'Energizing Station' and 'Energizing Bus'! To the loud cheers of everyone, the white veils covering 'Energizing Station' and 'Energizing Bus' were removed.

The taxi drivers attending  the event were the first to enter the 'Energizing Station' and 'Energizing Bus' and looked around the inside. The sports curer warmly welcomed  the taxi drivers and provided  health check-ups and advised them on fitness programs.  

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2016 Hyundai Motor Energizing Project for Taxi Drivers (10)
2016 Hyundai Motor Energizing Project for Taxi Drivers (11)

Besides Jang Am LPS Station, we have 5 more 'Energizing Stations in the metropolitan area. Each station has blood pressure monitors and InBodys (Body composition analyzer). The station is designed to help taxi drivers check their health conditions and do stretching exercises. The healthcare program in Energizing Station consists of three 3 steps. First, every user will have  his/her health condition checked through a blood pressure monitor and an InBody. Second, the user will learn to do stretching exercises based on the  results of the test. Lastly, he/she will do exercises using fitness equipment. Every user will have his/her own health care card and receive  help from a certified personal trainer who visits the  centers once a week.

Smart Stretching System is the most popular equipment in 'Energizing Station' among taxi drivers. Taxi drivers who first visit the center show a great interest in this equipment. It is manufactured  by IUWell, a wellness company. Its monitor checks the muscle condition of a user and indicates  which parts of the  body need regular  stretching exercises.

"I've suffered from a lower back pain because of the long periods I spend behind  the wheel. I will often come here to do some stretching exercises and have a blood pressure checkup." Mr. Yoon, a taxi driver for 30 years, has learned that he needs to perform neck stretches through the Smart Stretching System. He said that he really liked the clean and bright environment of the 'Energizing Station.'


2016 Hyundai Motor Energizing Project for Taxi Drivers (12)
2016 Hyundai Motor Energizing Project for Taxi Drivers (13)

2016 Hyundai Motor Energizing Project for Taxi Drivers (14)

Next, we visited 'Energizing Bus'. Hyundai Motor modified a 45-seater bus and turned it into  a special Health Care Center. This center has the latest equipment that analyzes one's body fat. Using the method of quantitative analysis, the elements of body composition and the body composition analysis provide basic information required for assessing the health condition of a person. It also has fitness equipment that help taxi drivers strengthen their muscles. 'Energizing Bus is supported by a program, called "Healthy Life up to 100 years old." The program is designed by Korea Sports Promotion Foundation. Sports curers will help taxi drivers check their health condition and use the equipment in the center. They can even get a fitness certification if they  use the program regularly. Fitness trainers will help taxi drivers learn customized exercises according to their body condition. Online videos for exercises are also provided.

'Energizing Bus' will circulate among places where  taxi drivers often congregate. We will offer them a systematic health care program in 20-30 minutes. They will also get  professional help to assist them in their  health care efforts. This center aims to help at least 5,000 taxi drivers in order to boost  their health and wellbeing. This is  great news as the safety of taxi drivers is directly related to that of all of  citizens.

'Energizing Station' and 'Energizing Bus' will continue to strive to serve taxi drivers and of  citizens. Hyundai Motor will continue to work hard and do its best  to promote  road safety and safe driving for the benefit of local communities.

[A special Interview with Gangcheon Lee, a self-employed taxi driver]

2016 Hyundai Motor Energizing Project for Taxi Drivers (15)

Q) What is the most difficult thing you experience  as a taxi driver?
A) Gangcheon Lee, a self-employed taxi driver : I think that it is my lower back pain due to  long hours driving. Sometimes I get out of my car and do stretching for a very short time. I'm very glad to see this 'Energizing Station' for taxi drivers. I can see that it will be a big help to my back pain.

Q) What is your impression on the opening of 'Energizing Station' and 'Energizing Bus'?
A) Gangcheon Lee, a self-employed taxi driver : I have built a deep relation with Hyundai Motor since my occupation as a taxi driver began with Hyundai Stella 31 years ago. Now, I'm driving a Hyundai Sonata. I've faced  lots of challenges working as a taxi driver, however, I 've worked hard to provide the best service for my passengers. I'll do my best to take care of my health and become the best taxi driver. Thank you, Hyundai Motor!

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