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Partner Businesses 

The automotive industry is a major assembly business and Hyundai suppliers provide the company with 95% of parts used in building Hyundai vehicles. The company believes that the competitiveness of its suppliers is the basis for its true competitiveness. therefore, the company provides its suppliers with education, system and human resource supports for their quality improvement, technology development and environmental protection endeavors. Hyundai has a number of teams dedicated to helping its suppliers, including Supplier Cooperation team, r&d technical Support Group, and the foundation of Korea automotive parts industry promotion. Employing these and other organizations, Hyundai seeks mutual growth in three strategies: cultivating global competitiveness; reinforcing the basis for sustainable growth; and establishing a joint growth system.

1. Cultivating Global Competitiveness

Competitiveness in product quality, technology and productivity are keys to develop the global competitiveness of our suppliers. Hyundai offers its suppliers various programs as a way to help develop their competitiveness. To achieve this objective in a more efficient manner, the company has created suppliers support teams.

2. Reinforcing the Basis for Sustainable Growth

Hyundai believes that the business stability and self-sufficiency of suppliers are crucial for them to grow into global corporations and achieve sustainable growth. Thus, we support their efforts to strengthen their capital base, improve growth infrastructure, and expand overseas operations.

Supporting Joint Overseas Expansions

3. Establishing a Joint Growth System

Hyundai fosters collaborative growth culture and seeks to strengthen its collaborative ties with suppliers. We implement various forms of partnership reinforcement with tier 1 as well as tier 2 and 3 suppliers. Hyundai corporation ecosystem aims at promoting transparent transactions and spreading the joint growth culture.