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Customers form both the aim and a measure of assessing the business activities of Hyundai Motor Company. In order to fulfill the “Unlimited Responsibility toward Customer Satisfaction,” Hyundai continues to develop and implement innumerable strategies and systems, seeking to provide products and services from customers’ perspectives. Going beyond satisfying customers to move their hearts is one of the core values for which Hyundai pursues and practices sustainable management.

1. Quality First Management

HMC began to focus on quality improvement in 1999. In 2002, the quality management teams at HMC and KMC were merged into the Hyundai-Kia Quality Management Division under direct supervision of the HMC chairman. In 2003, we created two new quality management units to ensure the quality of cars exported overseas. The quality management and maintenance teams were also merged to ensure more effective operation. In 2004, the Global Quality Management Office was established with the purpose of responding to any quality problems reported any day of the year, 24-hours a day. Currently, senior executives from all divisions meet twice a month to discuss quality management issues and to improve the emotional appeal of our vehicles with the goal of positioning HMC as a ‘Best Buy Brand’.

Quality index Graph

2. Improving Customer Satisfaction

Various activities are carried out to enhance customer satisfaction including a special program for overseas called ‘Voice of the Customer’. In addition to conducting customer satisfaction surveys on a regular basis, we also conduct in-depth interviews with customers through focus groups, to analyze customer complaints and to enable us to implement measures to address any identified issued. Another important initiative is our Dealer Enhancement Program, which is designed to enhance capacity, improve facilities and enhance overall management. Dealers are also invited to visit Korea to increase their understanding of Hyundai's operations and to strengthen partnerships with staff based in Korea.

3. Guaranteeing complete customer satisfaction

HMC has an ever-growing global network of service centers furnished with high-tech equipment and certified elite service technicians who provide a top quality service. Moreover, HMC was the first automaker to operate the ‘Before Service’ program which has benefited over 4 million overseas customers with its free check-up service. HMC also launched a new ‘Home to Home’ repair service in 2011, which collects vehicles at a time and location of the customer’s choice and then, returns the vehicle when the work is completed, saving the customer valuable time out of their busy schedule. HMC has recently made significant improvements at the Hyundai Customer Care Center, making operators more effective at handling customer requests and initiating some exciting changes to HMC’s customer service. For example, a number of new customer service initiatives were instigated including the provision of rental cars.