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Proactive and Creative Quality Management  

Our quality management philosophy is to provide customers with high quality vehicles that do not break down. To support this, Hyundai has established a ‘Proactive & Creative Global Safety Quality Management’system, a company-wide initiative through which everyone at Hyundai communicates and collaborates to bring about the best in safety and quality for our customers. We are also committed to improving throughout the entire quality management chain, from development to manufacturing, sales and after-sales servicing.

1. Quality First Management

HMC began to focus on quality improvement in 1999. In 2002, the quality management teams at HMC and KMC were merged into the Hyundai-Kia Quality Management Division under direct supervision of the HMC chairman. In 2003, we created two new quality management units to ensure the quality of cars exported overseas. The quality management and maintenance teams were also merged to ensure more effective operation. In 2004, the Global Quality Management Office was established with the purpose of responding to any quality problems reported any day of the year, 24-hours a day. Currently, senior executives from all divisions meet twice a month to discuss quality management issues and to improve the emotional appeal of our vehicles with the goal of positioning HMC as a ‘Best Buy Brand’.

Quality index Graph

2. Improving Service

Proactive Customer Service Initiatives

Improving the Customer Service environment

Hyundai operates a variety of programs that are designed to offer distinctive service experiences and benefits to customers.
In order to offer a ‘Modern Premium’ environment, we have adopted our Global Design Space Identity standards across the globe, and the Dealer Service Environment Improvement (DSEI) campaign has installed safety devices and other facilities and training to prevent and respond to fires and accidents. This has improved the customer experience at our after-sales service workshops.

Hyundai assurance plus

The ‘Hyundai Assurance Plus’ service package aims to increase the ownership value of our cars, and is available in overseas markets. The program offers various services to guarantee greater customer satisfaction throughout each phase of car ownership, from purchase to use and even repurchase, which ultimately creates a greater incentive for repurchase.

Before Service

We were the first automaker to launch a ‘Visiting Before Service’ across our global service network. This novel service offers car inspection and maintenance even before customers become aware of any issues, which improves customer convenience and experience of our service. We have also developed a more convenient and accurate ‘Digital Before Service’, in line with ever-evolving digital technology. This service is currently available in Korea and Europe. We are fully committed to extending the scope of Before Service to make it available to customers across the globe.

Home-to-Home Service

Hyundai has offered our Home-to-Home Service, through which we pick up a customer’s vehicle and then return it after finishing all required vehicle maintenance since 2011, in our efforts to improve customer satisfaction. We even loan a luxury car to the customer whose vehicle is being repaired. This is a prime example of Hyundai’s efforts to expand our services to satisfy varying customer requirements.

Smart Customer Service Initiatives

My Car Story 2.0

Hyundai has launched ‘My Car Story 2.0’ a customized vehicle management application. This app is an updated version of My Car Story 1.0 released in 2014, and features a personalized information service that is made available through local area networks, video services, and a journey data analysis service. It also offers intuitive designs to enhance customer convenience. My Car Story 2.0 will establish better connectivity between our customers and the services offered by Hyundai, so that we can fulfill the On-Demand service philosophy that aims to generate new value for customers.

Advanced Mobile-based Diagnostics

Hyundai has widened the scope of our vehicle diagnostics from dealer workshop service to pre-delivery inspection (PDI) prior to vehicle pick-up, Auto Link available while driving, and ‘Visiting Before Service’. We are creating the ability to provide self-diagnostic and repair services, in response to a shifting market landscape in which fully self-driving vehicles and the IoT are becoming realities. In addition, PDI, which is an important part of our after-sales service but which used to be primarily confined to the documentation of a diagnostic history, is now evolving to create a database of diagnostic outcomes at each of our production, harbor, and dealer sites, and to enable on-going analysis through mobile-based automatic vehicle diagnostics. We will continue to develop comprehensive diagnostics tools so that we can enhance customer convenience by offering preventive maintenance ahead of any potential vehicle issues.

3. Product Quality Surveys

one of the ‘World’s 10 best engines’

Hyundai’s 1.4L turbo-charged Kappa engine was chosen as one of 2016 Ward’s 10 Best Engines by WardsAuto, the U.S.-based automobile trade magazine. Hyundai has now featured on this prestigious list for three years in a row and seven in total, proving our competitive edge in engine technology.


Hyundai ranked 3rd among all car brands, including premium brands, and 2nd among non-premium brands in the 2016 Initial Quality Study(IQS) from market research company J.D. Power and Associates, the third year in a row that we have ranked so highly. In addition, our position in the 2017 Vehicle Dependability Study(VDS) rose from 19th the previous year to 6th amongst all brands, including premium brands. We ranked 3rd of the 19 non-premium brands.


Our high-level quality has also enabled us to perform very well in quality surveys for the Chinese market. The 2016 China-IQS awarded Beijing Hyundai Motor Company(BHMC) 2nd place among 45 non-premium brands, including imported, joint venture, and local brands. We also achieved our best ever position in the VDS, ranking 4th among 45 brands. Five of our models were Segment Winners.


Hyundai’s quality has also been recognized in Europe, the home of the automobile, where we ranked 1st in the 2016 Quality Report from the highly-regarded European automobile trade magazine Auto Bild, which awarded us 1st place amongst 20 automakers.