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Climate Change 

Greenhouse gases form the most threatening source of climate change. In order to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, Hyundai Motor Company continues to develop new and more eco-friendly vehicles, while enforcing low-carbon business policies and improving processes throughout its production and sales network.

Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Hyundai manages its GHG emissions and energy consumption while responding to the government’s climate change policies. While the number of vehicles produced declined by 1.67% from 4,948,315 in 2015 to 4,865,500 in 2016, the GHG emission was reduced by 1.01% over the same period, from 2,570 thousand tons in 2015 to 2,544 thousand tons in 2016.

Greenhouse Gas Emission Intensity
Greenhouse gas emissions per
vehicle production
0.521 0.519 0.523
Greenhouse Gas Emission
2014 2015 2016
Scope 1 835,240 816,952 806,933
Scope 2 1,745,981 1,753,243 1,737,914
Total 2,581,221 2,570,195 2,544,847

Greenhouse Gas Reduction activities

Greenhouse Gas Reduction activities