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Hyundai is leading a new culture in the automobile industry, to improve quality of life by embracing new possibilities. Since our founding in 1967, we have pioneered the development of the automobile industry in Korea, achieving many firsts and bests in the process, and have now grown into a global brand. We will continue to think from new perspectives and take on new challenges, thus create a sustainable future for all.

Management Philosophy
“ Realize mankind’s dream of creating a new future through ingenious ideas and continuously challenging new frontiers”

Management Philosophy

  • Contribute to improving general living conditions by providing products and services of the highest quality for the greatest number of people
  • Proactively tackle environmental issues and make contributions to local communities worldwide
  • Pursue sustainable growth in order to provide for not only Hyundai employees and their families but also for our suppliers
  • Pursue the best quality in products to ensure safety and satisfaction of customers that lasts a lifetime
  • Foster DNA that strives for never-ending growth and advancement
  • Nurture an entrepreneurial spirit which enables us to break out of our comfort zone and to take risks
  • Create authentic value by turning small possibilities into real achievements

“Lifetime partner in automobiles and beyond” “To become a trusted lifetime partner for our customers, we will bring a new perspective to automobiles through innovative mobility solutions based on human-centric, eco-friendly technologies and services.”