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CSR Projects by Continent

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CSR Projects by Continent Europe Middle east / Africa Asia / Pacific Americas
Israel Israel
  • Israel
  • Israel
Supporting Children’s Traffic Safety
In 2011, Hyundai sponsored the Kiss & Drive Safe Campaign in Israel seeking to ensure safety of primary school children on their ways to and from schools. Organized by a local nonprofit organization named Eyes on Road, the campaign involves parents volunteering every morning to organize roads and protect safety of children in highly congested areas around schools. The campaign has been quite effective in reducing traffic congestions and preventing car accidents.
Nigeria Nigeria
  • Nigeria
Anti-Malaria Campaign
Hyundai Motor’s distributor in Nigeria has been running anti-Malaria campaigns in Nigeria since 2010 to prevent malaria still prevalent in Africa. The campaign has mainly worked with underdevelopededucation institutions and orphanages in Nigeria. Malaria prevention educations and the smoke disinfections were carried out in the orphanages, a school for blinds, child care facilities, abandoned children’s shelter, and youth centers in Lagos, Abuja, Port Harcourt, and Calabar regions. To prevent malaria at home, mosquito larvae insecticides and mosquito nets were supplied to the residents in the area as well.
Egypt Egypt
  • Egypt
Supporting Children’s Job Experience Education Facility
Hyundai Motor’s distributor in Egypt in 2013 has provided automobile exhibition hall and driving school in support of ‘Kidzania’, a job experience educational facility for children in Egypt. There are four screens installed so that children could pick the vehicles they want and change interior and exterior freely to their liking. There is a driving test simulator at the driving school for students to have hands on driving experience. The company had invited 1,000 underprivileged children and helped them to experience various jobs.
Ghana Ghana
  • Ghana
  • Ghana
  • Ghana
Sponsoring Supplying the Desks & Chairs and Learning Materials
Hyundai Motor’s distributor in Ghana selects elementary, middle and high schools situated in underdeveloped areas of Ghana to supply them with what exactly they are in need of and sponsors them in custom-tailored way with such items as desks & chairs, IT training equipments, copiers, notebooks and constructing new bathrooms. In 2012, the company delivered 1,000 sets of desks & chairs and 10,000 notebooks to the selected schools in poor area. The company is also planning to conduct malaria prevention education for students in those selected schools.
Sudan Sudan
Sponsoring Ambulance to Transport Patients
When HM found out there was an ambulance shortage in Sudanese hospitals, two Ambulances were sponsored by Hyundai Motor’s istributor in Sudan, one to a hospital in Khartoum, the capital and the other to a hospital in Port Sudan. They were much needed additions for the patient transportations in the region.
Republic of South Africa Republic of South Africa
  • Republic of South Africa
Operation of Youth Employment Promotional Camp
There was an Youth Employment Promotional Camp held in Johannesburg with 40 students selected from four schools in the area sponsored by Hyundai Motor’s distributor in Republic of South Africa from August 3rd to 5th, 2012. The 1st camp was in 2011 and this was the 2nd such camps. It was prepared so that students could experience various sectors of automobile industry to aid them with career planning. Their understanding of the industry was brought to higher level by hands-on training and visiting dealers, parts center, training institute and parts manufacturing affiliates. Excellent students were selected after the camp for the opportunity to intern in the technical training program ran by the company.
Morocco Morocco
  • Morocco
Constructing and Donating Elementary School
To give fair opportunities to be educated to the underprivileged children of Morocco, Hyundai Motor’s distributor in Morocco has been in construction of an elementary school. The construction began in 2012 and completed in 2013. It will be equipped with educational facilities and equipments such as chairs, desks, blackboards, and computers and be donated to Department of Education of Morocco. The school will accommodate 150 children.
Israel Kuwait
  • Kuwait
  • Kuwait
Sponsoring Hyundai Run 2013
Hyundai Motor’s distributor in Kuwait hosted ‘Hyundai Run 2013’ contest during the Kuwait’s Independence Day in 2013. This driving tournament involved a total of 240km from Kuwait’s northern border to the southern border from February 23rd to 27th and was held as a charity tournament that sponsors the treatment for patients with autism this year. In addition to the contest, a 3K-running competition was opened to supporters, general public and customers that heightened the meaning of sharing and unity.
Jordan Jordan
Fundraising for the Construction of Cancer Hospital
Hyundai Motor’s distributor in Jordan’s service centers and distributors have enthusiastically participated in a fundraising event to construct a new hospital for ‘King Hussein Cancer Foundation’. The service centers, in particular, helped more people to participate in the fundraiser by encouraging them to donate 1 dinar (JOD) each time customers pay for their services.
Palestine Palestine
  • Palestine
  • Palestine
Sponsoring the Student Competition of Business Management
Hyundai Motor’s distributor in Palestine sponsored ‘Business Management Competition’ for middle and high school students in West bank region in Palestine. Students had trainings in business management, then they had founded and managed a mock company on their own in this competition. This competition started in September 2012 and the finals will be in May 2013. HM had not only supplied students with training materials necessary for the education, founding and operation of the mock company, but also with plans to support till the finals are held successfully.
Zimbabwe Zimbabwe
  • Zimbabwe
  • Zimbabwe
Christmas with Blue Santa
Staffs and employees of HM had brought delightful presents to children of Zimbabwe as blue Santa in December 2012. The blue Santa had visited four orphanages and presented them with soccer balls among other generous gifts. They all had wonderful time together.
Supporting Wild Animal Protection Center
Hyundai Motor’s distributor in Zimbabwe supported the ‘Wild is Life’ in 2012 which is a wild animal protection and rehabilitation center to contribute to the protection of wild animals in Zimbabwe. The center was established in 1998 and mainly rescued and treated injured wild animals or ones in danger. The company especially sponsored the full cost of rearing for the blind lion ‘Joe’ and an orphaned lioness ‘Diana’.
Mozambique Mozambique
Supporting the Education for the Youth of Low Income Families
Hyundai Motor’s distributor in Mozambique with Department of Education of Mozambique sponsors the education for the youth of low income families where illiteracy is exceptionally high. For three months beginning March 2013, 500 female adolescents living in Magude district, Maputo province will have education in many different areas to be literate so the quality of their lives will be improved.
Angola Angola
Sponsored Educational Equipment to Local School
In an effort to contribute to the development of Angolan community, Hyundai Motor’s distributor in Angola decided to sponsor some educational equipments students need. When a school currently under construction opens in May 2013, the company plans to provide a variety of educational equipments including chairs, desks, blackboards and sports equipments so that students will be able to study in better and improved environment.