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CSR Projects by Continent

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CSR Projects by Continent Europe Middle east / Africa Asia / Pacific Americas
Germany Germany
  • Germany
  • Germany
Project cooperation for Caritas Foundation
Hyundai Motor Deutschland has been partnered with Caritas Foundation, the largest welfare foundation in Germany since 2004 and implemented various social contributing activities together. HMD and the foundation does not stop at the welfare projects but extend our services to environmental and economical problems as well.

  • Supporting the ‘Social Courage’ project
  • HMD and the Caritas Foundation are supporting the projects of volunteering organizations in the name of ‘Social Courage’ through the publications of Caritas Foundation addressed to the honorary public officials. An organization is selected each year after two thorough screenings to donated funding on regular basis.
  • Vehicle Loans to youth organizations
  • HMD is loaning vehicles H-1 Travel, Snata Fe and i40CW to 80 youth organizations and child care facilities of the Caritas Foundation free of charge.
    These vehicles provide safe and comfortable trips to the children of the youth organizations and the child care facilities.
  • Driving Education on traffic safety and fuel economy
  • HMD provides five to six driving ducations on traffic safety and fuel economy to the employees of the Caritas Foundation each year.
  • Mobility Program
  • HMD provides 20% discount on all new models of Hyundai vehicle to Caritas Foundation and same discount is also extended to all 500 employees of the Caritas Foundation employees.
Russia Russia
  • Russia
  • Russia
  • Russia
The Year End and New Year’s Party for the children of Care Centers
Hyundai Motor CIS had hosted a Year End Party on December 24, 2012 in St. Petersburg. The Invitees were 600 children of policemen who dies on duty, families under the care of emergency disaster relief agency, children of military personnel, and disabled children with rare diseases. This event for children provided the fairy tale plays, games, contests and lotteries. Toward the end of the event, Santa Claus and Snow White visited them and presented with armful of gift much to children’s delight.
Supporting the Prioksko-Terrasny National Park in Moscow
HMCIS supported Prioksko-Terrasny National Park located nearby Moscow. HMCIS adopted and donated a one-year old bison from the Central Bison Breeding Farm and the employees visited the park to take parts in a park cleaning campaign on October 29th. New benches were installed in the rest area, the bushes were cleared and the park fence were painted among other activities.
Solaris Vehicle Donated to Children’s Driving School
HMCIS donated Solaris vehicle to ‘Leader Children’s driving school’ in Moscow College on December 20, 2012. The driving school is one of a kind in Moscow for children that has the latest equipments to teach children how to drive. HMCIS expects that Solaris will help in furthering their education for children to drive.
Macedonia Macedonia
  • Macedonia
Hearing Impaired Children’s Rehabilitation Center Remodeled
Hyundai Motor’s distributor in Macedonia had supported the much needed remodeling of Koco Racin Hearing Impaired Children’s Rehabilitation Center in Bitola, Macedonia. The remodeling was done for two months from January to February of 2012 to improved the overall conditions of the rehab center including not only the basic facilities such as bedrooms, windows, and bathrooms but also the playgrounds for the pleasant and comfortable living environment for the hearing impaired children.
Serbia Serbia
  • Serbia
Traffic Safety Training Program for Children
Hyundai Motor’s distributor in Serbia had hosted the traffic safety training program to improve road safety awareness for children between seven and nine years of age in Serbia in October, 2012. A local traffic officer was a lecturer and trained the children what to do in traffic accidents or critical situations in traffic through the role play, songs and practice.
Spain Spain
  • Spain
Supporting the ‘Children’s Desert’ Program
Hyundai Motor Espana has supported the ‘Children’s Desert’ program since 2005, a children’s travel program operated by ‘Children’s Organization of Desert’. In 2012, 40 children and their families, total of 130, participated in the program to travel to desert in Morocco for nine days from Marth 30th to April 7th. During the trip, participants witnessed the installation of the solar power station in Ouzina area. They also had a school supply sharing event with students of southern Morocco. HM had provided vehicles ix35, ix55 and Santa Fe for the safe and enjoyable trip.
Azerbaijan Azerbaijan
  • Azerbaijan
Sharing Action Project with Customers
Hyundai Motor Azerbaijan had the Sharing Action Project where every customer could participate in Azerbaijan. The project is proceeded by collecting fund for underprivileged children whenever a customer makes a vehicle purchase or a customer makes a visit to the service center. Through the active participation of customers, 622 children from 323 households received supports from the project.
Notebooks for the children six to 16 years of age and toys for the children younger than 6 were shared along with donated fund. The project had been successfully completed with a concert on December 2, 2012 with every sponsored children and their families invited.
Czech Czech
  • Czech
  • Czech
  • Czech
Sponsoring ‘The Korean Day’
Hyundai Motor Manufacturing Czech had sponsored Korean Day of Czech which introduces and promotes Korean culture. It was held in Ostrava Civic Cultural Center in cooperation with Czech-Korea Association on November 16 and 17, 2012. There were various programs to introduce Korean cultures: colored paper folding, calligraphy, and Taekwondo for children, in addition to Korean tea, traditional dishes, table manner, cooking, writing in Korean and games of Go. The event was especially noted with a gala performance of Janáček Philharmonic Orchestra and a mixed choir of Busan.
Hosting St. Nicholas Party
A St. Nicholas Party which HMMC started in 2006 continues to be strong in 2012 as well. St. Nicholas Party in 2012 was held at an elementary school and a kindergarten in Nošovice in the vicinity of Czech Plant on December 7. Staffs and employees of HMMC dressed in St. Nicholas, angel and devil costumes delivered presents to the children. Children had enjoyed the special sales events where they sold candles they made at the end of the party.
Supporting NATO Day Events
HMMC had sponsored the NATO Day Events held in Ostrava on September 24 and 25, 2012. The event was held to show the strong alliance between Czech and NATO allies to the general public. It was held in Leos Janacek International Airport. There were various programs and events including presentations and workshops and was participated by more than 220,000 visitors.
Supporting the Ostrava Safety Training
On June 26, 2012, ‘Together for safer Ostrava’, a safety training, was held with the support of HMMC. The training on this day was held in Akord Community Center in Ostrava-Zábřeh with focuses on the safety and crime prevention where more than 3,500 children and their families had participated. Firemen and policemen had enacted different situations which was highly effective. HMMC hosted a contest and demonstrated how airbags operated in i30 and was met with enthusiasm.
Croatia Croatia
  • Croatia
Children's Traffic Safety Training Project Conducted
Hyundai Motor’s distributor in Croatia had conducted the traffic safety training program for preschool children. The safety training is very important because they are the most vulnerable demography in traffic accidents. The members of the project had visited numerous kindergartens in Croatia to conduct the traffic safety training for two months from October to December in 2012. Since the trainings were for the young children, the training contents consisted highly interesting role-plays for the maximum effects and children had received delightful souvenir gifts.
Turkey Turkey
  • Turkey
  • Turkey
Used Vehicle Donations to Technical Universities
Two used vehicles, one each of Lavita and Sonata, were donated to Atatürk University and Namık Kemal University.
They are being utilized in studying mechanical structures and hands-on car maintenance trainings.
Tree Planting Events at the Community Park
The company has been involved in tree planting since 2008 at the community park in the vicinity of the company Turkey Plant. 2,000 trees had been planted every other year. There was a tree planting event in 2010 and followed by another in November 17, 2012 with 2,000 trees for the greener community park.