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CSR Projects by Continent

* Click on each continent to view HMC’s CSR activities in the region.

CSR Projects by Continent Europe Middle east / Africa Asia / Pacific Americas
Turkey1 Turkey
Sisterhood Ties with Schools
- Form sisterhood ties with schools to nurture talents equipped with capabilities required at Hyundai and to promote the development of local communities
- 2016 Performance: Opened the ‘Hyundai Classroom’, donated vehicles, and built labs
Russia Russia
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Vocational Trainings
- Donated test vehicles to Auto Service College for teaching aids, with an aim to create an educational environment that fosters talents who meet the ‘WorldSkills Russia’ requirements
Road Safety Campaign for Children
- Launched a campaign for youth to publicize the importance of road safety
- Developed the board game ‘Hyundai Experts of Traffic Rules’ – sponsored a team that participated in the ‘Safety Wheel’ competition, and served as a judge
- 2016 Performance: 12 teams of four members participated in the Safety Wheel competition, and the team sponsored by HMMR came in third place
Robocar Poli Playground
- Built a ‘Robocar Poli’ playground to raise awareness for the importance of road safety to children
- Provide road safety games for children and an opportunity to test drive the Creta for parents
- 2016 Performance: Participated by approximately 300 people
Autumn Day of Environment
- Hosted to motivate employees to become more interested in environmental issues
- Environmental clean-ups, tree planting, teamwork games, visit to the Sestroretsk Razliv Museum
- 2016 Performance: Participated by around 60 employees at HMMR and its suppliers as well as their families as volunteers
Pravo Rulya Transportation Festival
- Run in collaboration with the Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation and the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation to raise awareness for the importance of transportation, innovation, production professionals and engineering to youth
- 2016 Performance: Attended by nearly 5,500 people
Great Music for Young Generation
- A program to enable children and youths to learn about classical music and historic composers
- Implemented in cooperation with the Moscow Conservatory, and HMCIS supports with making arrangements for performers and presentations
- 2016 Performance: Provided a total of 8 teaching sessions between October 2016 and May 2017, and participated by 600 children and their parents
Hyundai Traffic Safety Programs
- Developed as a program to raise awareness for the importance of traffic safety to children and promote their participation
- Hosted the Robocar Poli traffic safety poster competition, developed a traffic safety program based on Robocar Poli characters, and launched a pilot teaching program at kindergartens
- The programs developed by HMCIS will be provided at kindergartens after the approval granted by the Russian transport police and educational authorities
- 2016 Performance: Ran the programs between June and December in 2016, more than 200 children participated in the poster competition, and more than 100 children participated in the pilot traffic safety program
Hyundai Student Exchange Program
- In 2008, Ulsan University in Korea and the Moscow Polytech University signed an MOU to promote cooperation in science and industry, and have run a student exchange program since 2009.
- HMCIS hosts technology project competitions for students who want to participate in this exchange program in topics including Korean history, Hyundai Motor Company, new automotive technology, English, etc. The winners are awarded flight tickets and financial support with expenses.
- 2016 Performance: Benefited a cumulative total of 35 students; five were selected among 50 students at the Moscow Polytech University participated in the competition
Employee Volunteering
- In September 2015, HMCIS volunteer club was created to raise funds among employees and engage in social contribution activities
- Cloth donation to orphanages, sending New Year cards to war veterans, and fund-raising for patients suffering severe diseases
- Approximately 40 employees or one fourth of the total have joined the club
- 2016 Performance: Visited nursing homes to host Christmas Bazaars, and participated in the fund-raising marathon
Czech Czech
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Summer Camp
- Provide a summer camp program to the children of employees
- 2016 Performance: Participated by 50 children
Good Neighbor Campaign
- Provide financial support to residents of 13 local districts in nearby areas to help them enjoy culture, sports and other leisure activities
- 2016 Performance: Participated by 25 employees and local residents
Korea Day
- Host cultural events to promote Korea
- 2016 Performance: Hosted events at 11 venues
Vehicle Donation
- Donate pre-production vehicles and components to schools so that students can use them for educational purposes
- 2016 Performance: Made donations to eight schools
SOS Children’s Villages
- Raise funds through the race event hosted for ‘SOS Children’s Villages’, a foundation that supports underprivileged children
- 2016 Performance: Raised funds totaling CZK 68,000, and total distance run by participants recorded 36,000 kilometers
United Kingdom United Kingdom
Street League
- Support ‘Street League(A program to assist young people aged between 16 and 25 in learning skills for communication, teamwork, and writing cover letters, to help them find jobs)’ with facility development since 2012
- 2016 Performance: Donated GBP 25,000 and vehicles, and provided internship opportunities at Hyundai dealer shops
Germany Germany
  • Germany1
Team Spirit for Humanity
- Designed to promote pro-refugee sentiment in Germany. Sponsor soccer matches
- 2016 Performance: Hosted soccer matches in six cities, participated by more than 2,500 children
Hyundai Motor Rental
- Provide vehicles free of charge to Caritas when it runs educational programs for children
- 2016 Performance: Provided five H-1 Travels and one i40, benefited a total of 530 people on 64 occasions
Every Kilometre Counts
- Designed to donate EUR 0.30 per every kilometer traveled by Caritas to run educational programs
- 2016 Performance: Traveled 36,275 kilometers, and donated EUR 10,000
Skills for the Future
- Designed to provide technology-driven education to assist young people in finding the right career path and to address youth unemployment
- Participated by small businesses to recruit talents for start-ups
- 2016 Performance: Participated by 5,020 students, 95 volunteers, and 150 small businesses between 2015 and 2016, made classroom visits on 94 occasions
Serbia Serbia
Safer Road with Hyundai
- Invite traffic experts to provide traffic safety education for children
- Offer traffic safety experience programs through games and play
Ukraine Ukraine
H-Road Campaign
- Camps for children from war-affected families and orphanages
- Culture of traffic safety campaigns and support for underprivileged children
- Sell stickers with a pledge to observe traffic safety rules, and use the profits to make donations for the education of under-privileged children
Spain Spain
Sponsorship for the Cancer Research Foundation
- Sponsor the ‘Charity Dinner for Young Cancer Researchers’ hosted by FERO, a Spanish cancer research foundation
- 2016 Performance: Participated by 490 people, provided the IONIQ for shuttle service
Netherlands Netherlands
Hyundai for All
- Designed to support youth soccer as the official FIFA partner
- Assist youths with disabilities in playing soccer
- 2016 Performance: Participated by 180 youths
Poland Poland
Internship Program
- Provide internship opportunities to undergraduates in Warsaw
- 2016 Performance: Hired 12 interns per year on average