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CSR Projects by Continent

* Click on each continent to view HMC’s CSR activities in the region.

CSR Projects by Continent Europe Middle east / Africa Asia / Pacific Americas
China China
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Vehicle Donation Campaign
- Donate test vehicles and engines to automobile technique schools and colleges across China
- Contribute to fostering professionals in the automobile sector
- 2016 Performance: Donated cumulative total of 544 vehicles and 1,113 engines for experimental purposes
Anti-Desertification Campaign in Inner Mongolia
- Implement the 5-year plan for anti-desertification for the area of 40 million square meters in Zhenglan Qi
- Participated by employees and college students majoring in environmental engineering
- 2016 Performance: Participated by 55 employees
Hope Elementary School
- Completed the construction of the 2nd BHMC Hope Elementary School
- 2016 Performance: Donated 51 computers and offered teaching support
Phase 2 of the Hyundai Green Zone China Project
- Create grasslands upon the dry lake in Inner Mongolia in collaboration with the Communist Youth League of China and EcopeaceAsia in order to combat desertification and restore the local ecosystem
- Remove weeds across tree nurseries, and plant perennial shrubs and Reeds
- Use the WeChat (Chinese social network channel) account of Hyundai Motor Group dedicated to CSR to exhibit the photos of volunteering work by college volunteer teams
- Successfully transplanted perennial reeds
- 2016 Performance: Sent a total of 360 volunteers, including volunteer corps of Korean and Chinese college students, employee volunteer corps, and media volunteer corps of Korea and China
Traffic Safety Campaign
- Provide experience-based education to elementary schools in Beijing to raise children’s awareness on traffic safety and to improve their response to dangerous traffic situations
- Educational videos for traffic safety, mini driving experience programs, traffic safety quiz contests, and the production of traffic safety signs
- 2016 Performance: Provided education to 1,033 students at two elementary schools since November 2016 which this campaign was launched
Employee Volunteer Corps
- Developed to raise employees’ interest and importance of CSR
- Anti-desertification in Inner Mongolia, environmental protection, visit to nursing homes, and emergency relief training for employees
- 2016 Performance: One staff at each department participated in volunteer programs
Dream Class
- Provide educational supplies – books, computers, and sports goods – to elementary schools with old facilities in deprived areas in collaboration with the China Children and Teenagers’ Fund
- Raise funds with local Hyundai dealers, customers and media outlets to donate educational equipment to elementary schools in deprived areas
- 2016 Performance: Donations were made in a total of eight areas
Tong Xin Yi
- Designed to address the major social issue in China of protecting children left behind when their parents moved to cities to work, and to keep them away from juvenile delinquency
- Built extracurricular facilities for left-behind children in rural areas – libraries, mental health counseling, arts and music activities, outdoor sports, vegetable gardens, etc.
- 2016 Performance: Opened the first Tong Xin Yi in Cangzhou, Hebei Province, and employee participated in volunteer activities
India India
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Dream Village Project–Cultivating Social Enterprises
- Assist the establishment of social enterprises for the development of local communities and to help them become economically independent
- 2016 Performance: Established four social enterprises, and benefited 84 families
Dream Village Project-Developing Infrastructure
- Strengthen the local community infrastructure by repairing public institution buildings
- 2016 Performance: High schools: Repaired buildings and classrooms. Elementary schools: Donated equipment, and overhauled bus stops
Educational Support
- Support public schools with aging facilities and/or a lack of teachers due to insufficient government funding
- Donate benches, desks, and computers while assisting with building construction
- 2016 Performance: Supported 15 schools in nearby areas, and donated 50 computers
Australia Australia
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RMHC Mission 2020
- AUD 500 is given in discounts to consumers who purchase Hyundai cars through the Ronald McDonald House Charities (RMHC) network, and that amount is matched and forwarded as donations by HMCA.
Vietnam Vietnam
Care Together Center
- Established to help Vietnamese women, who returned to their home country after divorce from their Korean husband, become self-reliant and support their children
- Support with the renovation and operation of the center located in Can Tho in southern Vietnam, near Ho Chi Minh City
- Vietnam-Korea family law counseling center, employment and start-up training, children’s library, and research and survey support
Medical Support for Children with Facial Disfigurements
- Support children with facial disfigurements in Vietnam and Laos, so that they can receive medical treatment, in alignment with Korea’s medical volunteer corps
- 2016 Performance: Around 10 Korean medical professionals were sent to volunteer for one week per year
Dreams Come True
- Provide ‘Dreams Come True’ and other programs for underprivileged children and elementary school students from low-income families, so that
they can travel, have fun at amusement parks, and be benefited from comprehensive educational support programs
Malaysia Malaysia
Automotive technology education
- Assist automotive department students at the University of Malaysia Perlis (UniMAP) in receiving automotive technology education
- Industry-academia cooperation between automotive schools and Hyundai dealers, planning and providing automotive technology education and field experience programs, joint R&D on green car technology, etc.
Philippines Philippines
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Village with a Sustainable Water Circulation System
- A pilot project to address issues on water contamination and the shortage of drinking water, and to raise awareness for hygiene and health, in collaboration with the Rainwater Research Center of the Seoul National University and the non-profit organization Better World
- Install drinking water equipment and provide hygiene and healthcare Education
- Install drinking water equipment that uses rain water at newly-built elementary schools
- Offer regular water quality monitoring as well as hygiene and healthcare education
- Expanded our support for drinking water vehicles and beneficiary areas
Kazakhstan Kazakhstan
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Traffic Safety Campaign for Children
- Abay bol Drive·Think·Care Campaign: Provide venues where children can experience traffic safety within public facilities, and carry out campaigns to encourage drivers to abide by traffic rules within school zones