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CSR Projects by Continent

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China China
  • China
Dream House Donation to an Elementary School
In 2011 and again in 2012, Hyundai Motor Group China(HMGC) Ltd. had sponsored the ‘Dream House’ project by furnishing multimedia classrooms in elementary schools who were faced with economical difficulty in underdeveloped areas. With expanded areas to sponsor in 2012, seven schools were selected to receive educational equipments and supplies, literatures, school supplies, sports equipments, TV’s, and DVD’s in addition to multimedia classrooms which had improved learning environment.
Hyundai Green Zone China Project Phase 1 completed
Beijing Hyundai Motor Company and Hyundai Motor Group China(HMGC) Ltd. had participated in ‘Hyundai Green Zone China’ project since 2012 which is to prevent desertification in inner Mongolia. The project is planned as an ecological improvement activity to prevent the desertification of Chakanor region of Kunshantag Desert in inner Mongolia, which is known to be one of the originators of yellow dust. During its first phase from 2008 to 2012, both BHMC and HMGC Ltd. had donated 6 million yuan for the project to plant seepweeds, salty habitat vegetation, in 60% area of the Chankanor Alcali Lake region which amounts to be 50 million m2. As the first phase came to an end in July 2012, 300 staffs, employees, Global Youth Corps members, and Chinese university student volunteers had joined to plant seepweeds and built windbreakers in Chakanor. HMGC has planned the second phase which will begin in 2013 and be completed in 2017 and will introduce new plants.
India India
  • India
  • India
  • India
  • India
Desks & Chairs Donations to Local Public Schools
HMI is donating desks & chairs to local public schools in Tamil Nadu Kanchipuram region since 2007. Education environment for India’s public schools are still very poor and too many students often have to sit on the floor to study without desks and chairs. HM is helping students to study comfortably by donating desks and chairs and a total of 2,500 sets of desks and chairs were donated to 30 public schools in 2012. HM has donated a total of 27,000 sets of desks and chairs since 2007 and a total of 82,500 students have benefited.
White Band Campaign for Eradication of Poverty
Hyundai Motor India is conducting ‘White Band Campaign’ to fight against global poverty in 2012. HM has distributed 2,473 white bands to employees and have collected funds in donation boxes installed through voluntary donations in November 2012. Employees participated enthusiastically for a total of 44,779 rupee and HMI matched twice the amount of employee donations to raise a total of 134,337 rupee. This fund is being used to sponsor in vocational trainings to fight against the poverty for the poor in India’s underdeveloped regions and for educating entrepreneurships to small business owners. The donations collected in 2010 and 2011 were used to purchase sewing machines for rural women of the Irungattukottai village to learn the sewing skills to gain economical independence.
Go Green Hyundai Project
HMI has conducted ‘Go Green Hyundai’, an ecofriendly project, in collaboration with ‘TIST India’ in 2011 and followed again by 2012. On December 12 2012, HMI together with local farmers have planted 50,000 teak seedlings in Tirubalruhr and Kanchipuram regions and signed a sapling maintenance contract with farmers for 10 years. After the seedlings have planted in nearly 240 acres, the wasteland is turning into green belts breathing with trees and grasses and also improving soil and water quality. All trees after the maintenance expires, not to mention any harvest from trees, will be the property of farmers and will bring about vitality to their economy.
Used Car Donation for Education
HMI donated used cars and engines to India’s 175 automobile education institutions, engineering colleges and technical schools. Students who study machines and automobile engineering get an opportunity to understand the latest technology of HMI and gaining practical experiences utilizing the donated used cars and test vehicles. In addition, HMI engineers are regularly conducting automobile theory and practical training classes that are getting a good response.
Australia Australia
  • Australia
  • Australia
Blue September Cancer Prevention Event Sponsored
Hyundai Motor Company Australia had sponsored the ‘Blue September’ campaign since 2009. The Blue September raises awareness of adult man’s risk of developing cancer and holds fundraising events for cancer preventions and treatments. In the fundraising event of 2012, tickets were sold on the Blue September website for $10 which is good for one entry in the drawing of Hyundai Veloster. Additional fund was made by $15 donation for every Hyundai vehicle sold in the month of September and donated the fund to the Blue September.
Support of Community Football Club Development
HMCA with cooperation of Australian Football Association is committed to the development of community football nationwide. HMCA is a major sponsor of Hyundai A league of Australian Football league and through the ‘Goals for Grassroots’ program, donates $1,000 per goal of home team up to $5,000 per game to support the football club. The donation is utilized to pay for the football supply purchases, coaching staffs, and club membership fee for players with economical hardship. Total donation by HMCA in 2012-2013 season with 28 games were 79,000 Australian dollar.
New Zealand New Zealand
  • New Zealand
‘Spirit of Adventure Trust’ Program
Since 2010, the company had sponsored the ‘Spirit of Adventure Trust’ for youth of New Zealand. Young men will board the ‘Spirit of New Zealand’, a world’s largest sailboat, as seamen for ten days to have sailing training and to raise the spirits of adventure. In addition to the company’s regular donations, HM had donated two vehicles as drawing prizes and fund to repair and maintain the sailboat. There also was a fundraising activity held and collected $46,900. 15 young men were selected and given the opportunities to participate in 2012 sailing program and sponsored their expenses.
Philippines Philippines
  • Philippines
  • Philippines
  • Philippines
‘Read to Lead’ Campaign Sponsorship
‘Read to Lead’ campaign by KIDS, a non-profit organization helping underprivileged children was sponsored by Hyundai Asia Resourse, Inc.(HARI) in January 2012. It is a program that travels to education neglected areas to improve the reading habit of children and assisting in their educations. Hyundai Asia Resourse, Inc.(HARI) had built and donated mobile libraries with H-100 van equipped with shelves, books, chairs and folding desks so that children of Leyte region would have a better chance of good books.
Gawad Kalinga Local Community Development Foundation (GK Foundation) Sponsorship
Hyundai Green Innovation Center established HARI had joined forces with GK Foundation in establishing Hyundai Green Innovation Center.
Hyundai Green Innovation Center will be a social innovation seminar hall with 100 seats where the knowledge of environmental sustainability will be discussed and community college where environment related skills will be taught.
‘Hyundai RUN’ Event Held
The 2nd Hyundai RUN was held on April, 2012 at the Quirino Grandstand Stadium in Manila. Hyundai RUN stand for Responsibility, Union and Nation and it was established to promote the social contributions Hyundai makes in Philippine so that more will join the RUN. In the event in 2012, participants may choose an area to sponsor among environment protection, protection of women and children, education or one of social contributing activities of Hyundai. They were dressed in green, pink or red according to their choices for improved promotional effects.
Hyundai RUN of 2012 had exceptionally good turn out with more than 26,000 participants; staffs and employees of Hyundai, customers, social welfare partners and citizens.
Kazakhstan Kazakhstan
  • Kazakhstan
Fundraising Marathon Sponsored
Hyundai Motor’s distributor in Kazakhstan had sponsored the first fundraising marathon held in Kazakhstan on May 28, 2012. The marathon had a theme, ‘Courage to be the Best’, to support the health of general public, jogging culture promotion and disabled children with cerebral palsy. It was the first of its kind held in Almaty and HM had donated $100,000 for the event.