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CSR Projects by Continent

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United States United States
  • United States
  • United States
  • United States
  • United States
‘Hope on Wheels’ for pediatric cancer patients
‘Hope on Wheels’ has been a representative of the social contribution activities by Hyundai Motor America and its local dealers which sponsors the researches and child patients of pediatric cancer. Since its inception in 1998, the program has currently expanded across the U.S. in which HMA and every dealers participate. The donation of $14.00 for every automobile sold has reached $58 million thus far.
The program includes the ‘Hope on Wheels’ tours nationwide for fundraising activities with the program promotions and the Hyundai scholarships offered to pediatric cancer researchers. With September each year being designated as a pediatric cancer awareness month, various programs are concentrated within the month.
‘Hope on Wheels’ for pediatric cancer patients
HMA had established a Hyundai Mathematics Lab in 2011 through partnerships with non-profit educational organization MIND and Urbain H. Plavan Elementary School in Fountain Valley, California to promote children's math skills. The latest digital Mathematics Learning Program at the Lab helps elementary school students to learn Math quick and easy. Since the program is computer based, it is expected to be exceptionally beneficial to children whose mother tongue are not English. In 2012, this program has expanded to schools in East L.A. and Washington D.C.
Sponsorship to Prevention of Drunk Driving by MADD
HMA has sponsored Mothers Against Drunk Driving(MADD) activities to prevent drunk driving since 2005. MADD has been campaigning against drunk driving including educating high school students of dangers of drunk driving and helping parents to communicate with their children with drinking problems. HMA had sponsored the ‘Walk Like MADD’, an event to bring wide awareness of dangers of drunk driving and staffs and employees of HMA had walked 5K themselves for the fundraising.
Sponsoring a human rights group, NAACP
The largest human rights group in US with 100 years of legacy, National Association for the Advancement of Colored People(NAACP) was supported by HMA continuously. HMA was a title sponsor for the NAACP convention held in Houston, Texas in 2012 and supported activities of NAACP for human rights and social equality movement for colored races including Blacks.
Canada Canada
  • Canada
  • Canada
Hyundai Hockey Helper Program
The ‘Hyundai Hockey Helpers’ is a fundraising activity to make the hockey trainings possible for the children of low income families operated by HMC.
In addition to the participations of Hyundai dealers in each area, posters and collecting boxes are placed at the dealer for the donation from the visiting customers. And the donation in promoted through micro sites and information booths at 65 ice hockey stadiums nationwide. The donated fund has sponsored more than 1,000 children through ‘Kid Sport Canada’, a non-profit organization. In recognition of HMC’s efforts it had given to the development of local communities, a Silver Award was given at the ACE Award in CSR Division hosted by the Canadian Public Relations Society in April, 2013.
Donation to local Food Banks
HM had donated food to the Markham Foodbank again in 2012. The Markham Foodbank has been providing food for the low income families in the community, and HMC sponsored the Foodbank with food worth $1,000 in supporting the community.
Ecuador Ecuador
  • Ecuador
Safe Move activities for traffic safety
As a part of the activities for the Safe Move for the traffic safety, a ‘Looking for Three Leaf Clover’ and the safe driving campaign are actively in progress, since 2011 and 2012 respectively. In conjunction with organizations of the local community who are involved in the prevention of traffic accidents and the sponsoring of the survivors, Hyundai Motor’s distributor in Ecuador selects ones who will participate in the ‘Looking for Three Leaf Clover’ after screening and evaluating various traffic accidents. The selected children who lost a parent or parents in traffic accidents will be sponsored in long term care provided by volunteers of Hyundai Motor’s distributor in Ecuador and renowned singers of the community so that they will overcome the tragedy to achieve their dreams. The safe driving campaigns such as a TV campaign to prevent traffic accidents caused by cell phone usage while driving, flyer distributions and media seminar are held continuously and actively to instill the safety driving to many motorists.
Chile Chile
  • Chile
Children’s Protection Society Foundation sponsorship
Hyundai Motor’s distributor in Chile had sponsored the ‘Sociedad Protectora de la Infancia Foundation’ of Chile in 2012 as well as 2011 to help children of underprivileged through the cultural activities. With the active support from the Chilean government and Veronica Villarroel, a famous soprano, a contest was hosted jointly by the ‘Sociedad Protectora de la Infancia Foundation’, Veronica Villarroel Music School and The company among children and youth of low income households in Santiago. 20 musically talented children and youth were selected who will receive the HM scholarships. There also are The company scholarships available for the 200 children of socially vulnerable La Pintana. The company will continue to support the underprivileged children and youth so that they will be able to discover their own talents and achieve their dreams through arts and education.
Peru Peru
  • Peru
Official Sponsor of Special Olympics
Hyundai Motor’s distributor in Peru is involved in various sponsorships to stimulate sports industry in Peru. The company is an official sponsor in vehicle division for the Olimpiadas Especiales to be held in Peru in 2013, and is expected to contribute to the transportations of players among other activities during the games. The company also has a plan to support the ‘Si tu corres, ellos ganan(When you run, they will win)’ hosted by ‘Peru Runners’ to raise fund for the Peruvian players who will compete in the Latin American Games in Bolivia in August 2013.
Puerto Rico Puerto Rico
  • Puerto Rico
Providing with an LIO to the University Pediatric Hospital
Hyundai Motor’s distributor in Puerto Rico had sponsored a laser indirect ophthalmoscope-(LIO) in January 2013, to a team headed by Dr. Antonio Ortiz which will enable the team in examining eyesight and treating infants and cancer patients at the ‘University Pediatric Hospital’ run by the government in San Juan, Puerto Rico. With this equipment, the diagnosis and treatment of retinopathy and peripheral retinal photocoagulation in premature infants became easier and more effective. Pediatric patients at the hospital were given gifts and candy to had memorable time in December, 2012.