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Home Social Responsibility Worldwide CSR Projects

1. Global Campaigns for Moving the World Together

  • Looking for Three-Leafed Clovers Worldwide
    Children of car accident victims will learn to overcome their sorrow and find new hopes by having their wishes fulfilled.
  • Global White Band Campaign
    All members and employees of Hyundai Motor around the world pull their resources and strength together to help eradicate poverty and suffering.
  • Blue Santa Campaign Worldwide
    The Blue Santas, with broad smiles on their faces and gifts of hope and joy in their arms, light up and add warmth to the Christmases of many people around the world.
  • Blood Drive Worldwide
    Employees at various locations of HMC operation volunteer to donate their blood out of passion for saving lives.

2. Worldwide Campaigns

Worldwide Campaigns Looking for Three-Leafed Clovers Worldwide Blue Santa Campaign Worldwide Global White Band Campaign Blood Drive Worldwide