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Happy Move

Volunteerism Organization at HMC. Volunteer work generates powerful, beautiful energy for the world we move together by sharing sincere concern and genuine passion for the welfare of everyone. Employees, their family members, and university students affiliated with Hyundai Motor Company pull their strength together to bring warmth and hope to the needy around the world in their efforts to make the world a better place for everyone.

  1. 1. H-Partner Institution Accompany
    H-Partner Institution Accompany
    "H-Partner Institution Accompany" is a monthly voluntary program where employees participate with nearby social welfare facilities conduct voluntary services.

    In 2015, a total of 9 thousand employees from 134 voluntary groups carried out services at 168 social welfare facilities. In particular, all business divisions delivered traditional market vouchers to facilities during national holidays and visited nearby traditional markets with less privileged neighbors to help prepare them for ancestral ceremonies.

    In addition, the pan-company initiated a voluntary service campaign, "support service for the underprivileged neighbors during the winter" and was held at the end of the year to present heaters to partnered institutions and underprivileged neighbors in nearby areas during year-end cultural performances.
  2. 2. H-1 Division 1 Relative
    H-1 Division 1 Relative
    H-1 Division 1 Relative is a part of a voluntary service for farm villages aimed at interaction with farm villages and coexisting with them. Since 2005, each division has been partnered with more than one farm village in nearby areas to conduct regular voluntary services.

    In 2015, the company partnered with a total of 70 farm villages and offered support during spring and autumn, which included repair services for public facilities within the village.
  3. 3. H-Self Sharing Planner
    H-Self Sharing Planner
    For employees interested in social issues and desire to contribute to the regional community on their own, after experiencing diverse company voluntary services, Hyundai Motor offers them an opportunity to design their own personalized voluntary program by presenting them with access to consultants from specialty institutions and a portion of financial support through the "H-Self Sharing Planner" program.

    In 2015, 62 creative voluntary service programs were selected, which ranged from a Chinese production experience to music education with children in the regional children’s center, providing lifelong photographs for farm village seniors, prison culture sharing, consulting, as well as financial support were given.
  4. 4. H-Weekend Family Voluntary Service
    H-Weekend Family Voluntary Service
    Hyundai Motor’s headquarter office is holding family-oriented voluntary programs to allow employees to participate in services with their families to create meaningful weekends.

    H-Weekend Family Voluntary Service is designed to allow employees and their families to partake in the weekend voluntary services targeting underprivileged neighbors within the Seocho-gu area once per quarter to share their support with the nearby neighbors and to harmonize among their families.

    In 2015, ''Yangjae Community Center Wall Painting'', ''Side Dish Sharing for Underprivileged Neighbors in Seocho-gu'', ''Yangjaecheon Cleaning and Ecofriendly Soap Sharing for the Underprivileged Neighbors'' and ''Support for Seniors Living Alone in Seochogu During Wintertime'' were initiated in four phases with Yangjae Social Welfare Community Center.