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Green Move

Protecting and conserving the natural environment given to us is essential for our purpose of bequeathing a pleasant environment of living and working for next generations. Hyundai Motor Company actively protects and restores endangered species of plants and animals, provides classes on environmental protection, and develops the latest-technology eco-friendly cars, such as electric and hybrid vehicles.

  1. 1. Hyundai Green Zone Project
    Hyundai Green Zone Project
    Hyundai Green Zone project is the global ecosystem recovery project and has been used twice. The first business, which began in 2008, succeeded in transforming the alkaline desert, which is50 million m2 (approximately 1.5million pyeong) within the Kunshantag desert of Inner Mongolia into a green zone. This area was known to be a primary source of yellow dust.

    In addition, the second phase of business that is currently being carried out aims at creating 40 million square meters of grassland in Zenglan Qi in China, which will affect the yellow dust situation in Northern China and Korea for the next five years..

    Hyundai Motor was appointed the "most socially responsible corporate citizen in China" for six consecutive years, since 2010, which is an acknowledgement of its success.
  2. 2. Roadkill Prevention Business
    Roadkill Prevention Business
    Hyundai Motor is the first company to sponsor a roadkill prevention organization to curtail the problem since over 300 thousand wild animals are killed on an annual basis and to further prevent secondary traffic accidents resulting from roadkills incidents.

    Korea Roadkill Prevention Association, founded in 2013, is an environmental organization that deals specifically with accidents involving animals. The association has established a data base for animals killed on major highways nationwide, and is now trying to improve the environment, and road safety, by securing life paths for animals.

    In addition, through a separate PR activity on roadkill preventive measures, the association is aiming at acknowledging the drivers on the roadkills and the responsibilities.
  3. 3. Fabulous Hands
    Fabulous Hands
    Hyundai Motor, starting from the MOU with Seoul and University Ambassadors, started the "Fabulous Hands" program, which is an environmental improvement program for underdeveloped areas near Namyoung and Seoul Stations.

    As a part of the first "Fabulous Hands" program, Hyundai Motor in June selected Namyoung Station tunnel bridge, where schools are located but are neglected by passengers due to poor facilities. Various activities including flower themed wall paintings, flower garden establishment around empty spaces and flower pot delivery to its residents were carried out to improve local surroundings.

    In October of last year, the company also carried out diverse activities including creating flower gardens with used tires, installation of citizens' wish trees, hope seed sharing to increase awareness concerning environmental protection. The company received the Seoul Mayor award as an acknowledgment of such efforts.