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Safe Move

In order to enjoy all the convenience and joys of driving, we need to ensure a safe environment for drivers and pedestrians alike. In order to create and spread a safer and more joyous traffic culture, Hyundia Motor Company provides classes on traffic safety and advance car diagnostics and repair. The company also actively promotes the welfare of children of car accident victims.

  1. 1. Robocar Poli Traffic Safety Campaign
    Robocar Poli Traffic Safety Campaign
    Hyundai Motor has established a variety of programs with "Robocar Poli" character to help children obtain information on traffic safety in a more friendly and simplified manner.

    The animation named "Traffic Safety Story with Poli", was created to increase levels of safety awareness in children and is aired in a variety of countries, including China, Taiwan, Russia, Israel and India..

    In addition, the onsite "Robocar Poli Traffic Safety Class," is held at nursery schools and kindergartens nationwide. As well, as there is a "Robocar Poli Children's Traffic Park" which opened in 2014 that educates some 30 thousand kids annually.

    Check details on "Robocar Poli Traffic Safety Campaign" via homepage
  2. 2. Children's Safety-First Fair
    Children's Safety-First Fair
    Hyundai Motor Company has been holding a ''Children’s Safety-First Fair'' to contribute to early childhood safety awareness by offering a wide variety of onsite experiences to enhance these all-important lessons in safety It is the largest fair of its type in the country and consists of 30 types of safety experience facilities so children can get hands-on experience of traffic, fires, disasters and home safety. It operates free of charge for children of all ages.

    The fair’s experiences consist of situational reality, recreational and exhibit booths as well as a spacious playground. In the situational reality booth, - children can experience traffic safety, tips on fire evacuation, protocols during disasters, safe driving experiences, Robocar Poli traffic safety center, a virtual reporter experience, fire extinguisher instructions and SOS national safety services. Students can also enjoy doll play based on being lost and preventing abductions, as well as a safety education video shown at the play booth. In the exhibition booth, Hyundai Motor's global designer-produced future transportation ''My Baby'' and children's removable protection device known as ''Angel’s Wings'' are displayed. In addition, ball pools and photo zones are available at the playground.

    Check details on "Children's Safety First Fair" via homepage
  3. 3. Zero School Traffic Accident Campaign
    Zero School Traffic Accident Campaign
    Since March 2016, Hyundai Motor, joined with Safe Life, initiated ''Zero School Traffic Accident Campaign for Children with Mothers'' to help establish school bus and safety devices to prevent students from possible traffic accidents during trips to and from school.

    HMC and Safe Life receive support applications for children's school buses from parents and/or the children's care center. Screenings are conducted through onsite inspection and safety expert's evaluations. 10 children's care centers are then selected. Next, six essential safety devices are offered along with the ''Angel's Wings'', which are installed to keep motorcycle drivers and cyclists more visible.

    Check details on "Zero School Traffic Accident Campaign" via homepage
  4. 4. Onsite Before Service
    Onsite Before Service
    Prioritizing the safety of its customers, Hyundai Motor conducts ''Onsite Before Service'' for its customers during national holidays and summer vacations when longer drives take place.

    During Lunar New Year and Chuseok Holidays, a "special inspection service booth" is installed at expressway rest and service centers; inspection services of engine and brake oil, as well as lights and tire air pressure are provided to Hyundai Motor customers. Internal sterilization and air freshening services are also offered free of charge.
  5. 5. Health Improvement Project for Taxi Drivers
    Health Improvement Project for Taxi Drivers
    Hyundai Motor is also attentive to social issues regarding taxis, which have become a critical means of transportation. Taxi drivers travel about 250km per day; however, due to lack of time and space for rest, drivers often suffer back and nervous system problems. In addition, the age of taxi drivers is increasing, where 20% of the entire taxi driver population is over 65 years old. Their health problems and aging issues lead to lower capabilities in terms of coping with a crisis while driving, which is a serious social issue that threatens public safety.

    The company’s ''Taxi Driver Health Improvement Project'' consists of a health improvement center, health improvement bus and a health inspection package. The project aims to provide the infrastructure and services that assist taxi drivers in managing their health by utilizing their niche hours.

    Firstly, the health improvement center collaborates with SK Gas to establish physical strength by improving space in containers at five LG Gas stations in metropolitan areas. The center offers various professional health measurement meters, including blood pressure, body component analysis measurements, as well as smart exercise programs. Health improvement buses are those with exercise programs approved by KSPO; they visit key resting areas of taxi drivers to give exercise tips customized for the individual driver. It is anticipated that the bus could be used by 20 people on a daily basis and 5,000 drivers on an annual basis. Lastly, the health inspection package is a program for drivers over the age of 65; it provides dual service of specialized health inspection for driver and car. The company is seeking innovative projects for the establishment of a safe traffic culture and public safety in general.