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Easy Move

The first and foremost principle of moving the world together is the equality of mobility for all, including people with disabilities, seniors, children, pregnant women, and others. As a leading international automaker, HMC actively integrates these mobility-impaired groups into society by accommodating their safety and convenience through additional programs.

  1. 1. Chakachaka Playground
    Chakachaka Playground
    In 2015, HMC opened "Chakachaka Playground", which is 2,045m2 in size, at Seoul National Park for children with visual impairments.

    Chakachaka Playground, established in celebration of the 30th year of Sonata, is a special car theme park where kids, both with and without visual impairments, can enjoy driving by leveraging HMC's automatic driving technology.

    The playground consists of Mini Sonata Zone, where it is operated with automated driving technology, and a large Sonata mock-up playground. It accommodates up to 20 thousand kids a year.

    Check details on "Chakachaka Playground" via homepage
  2. 2. Easy Move Corp.
    Easy Move Corp.
    Easy Move Corp. is Korea's first professional social enterprise to be invested in by HMC and used by various public agencies. It was established in 2010 to offer more comfortable, and safer, movement devices for the disabled and seniors citizens who experience similar restrictions.

    Easy Move Corp. has its origins in manufacturing posture maintenance devices and strollers for disabled children, but is currently developing into a professional company for people with difficulties moving by producing and selling high technology and added value moving support devices, including social welfare vehicles, automatic wheelchairs and driving support devices.

    In addition, the company has multiple manufacturing and technology approval ratings from an assortment of government authorities, and the first social enterprise to be appointed as the SMEs in Gyeonggi Province.
  3. 3. H-Together Transportation Social Welfare Public Business
    H-Together Transportation Social Welfare Public Business
    H-Together Public Welfare Business, which began in 2005, is Hyundai Motor's representative CSR activity through which the company presented brighter and healthier lives to underprivileged families by conducting excellent social welfare programs for people with disabilities, seniors, children and teens. Commemorating its 10th anniversary, the program has been renamed, H-Together Transportation Social Welfare Public Business, and continues to offer more dreams and hopes for more neighbors.

    In 2015, a total of 13 Hyundai Motor cars - 8 Accents, 4 Porters and 1 Tuscan ix - were donated to 13 social welfare centers including Yongin Disabled People's Self-Support Center and Suncheon SOS Children's Village. In addition, financial aid was given to 14 social welfare facilities as a part of the social welfare program theme, of "transportation".
  4. 4. Transportation convenience enhancement support business
    Transportation convenience enhancement support business
    Since 2006, HMC has been assisting in supplementing transportation convenience facilities and natural disaster prevention facilities for disabled centers in conjunction with Chest Korea and Korea Differently Abled Federation (KODAF). 2015 marked the 10th anniversary of this program.

    The business supports 20 categories, including convenience facilities for transportation, accessibility, as well as safety facilities. Support given to each category varied each period and changed according to needs, i.e. restroom repair in 2009, slope rescue team in 2011, smart switch/ refuge facility in 2013. The total number of beneficiary centers reached 107 in 2015, and the accumulated number of institutions and centers where support was given is 935. Financial support for convenience facilities now reaches a total of KRW 3.7 billion.