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Information Type Asia/Pacific | Korea
Date Updated 2017-11-29
Subject Young people’s innovative ideas bring about a better society

Young people’s innovative ideas bring about a better society(1)

In 2015, Hyundai Motors introduced its ‘H–Social Creator’ program, which is an open CSV idea development program for college students
with a view to addressing social issues and creating economic values based on CSV (creating shared values). The program for this year
was even more special, as it was coupled with the 2nd H Ombudsman Program, which is a customer-participatory communication
program of Hyundai Motors. Young college students full of passion and novel ideas were able to articulate their ideas through the
“H Ombudsman Proposal Presentation.” Now, let us take a closer look at some of the details of this exciting event!

Young people’s innovative ideas bring about a better society(2)

Young people’s innovative ideas bring about a better society(3)

Now is the Time to Proudly Present the Ideas having been developed and refined

October 28, it was a beautiful late autumn day. We met the H-Social Creators (Social Innovation Ombudsmen) at the ‘H Ombudsman
Proposal Presentation’ venue. Wearing broad smiles, they looked quite at ease. In the waiting room behind the stage, the presenter were
busy rehearsing their presentations .They were representing each team and were busily preparing for the H Ombudsman proposal Presentation. Although initially somewhat tense when starting their presentations, they soon got into their stride and gave their
presentations in a relaxed manner. Their confident manner and attitude indicated that they had prepared and rehearsed well.

Young people’s innovative ideas bring about a better society(4)

Young people’s innovative ideas bring about a better society(5)

The creators started to participate in this program after the Launching Ceremony in May, which was followed by a ‘Basic Worship’ to
broaden their understanding of Hyundai Motor Company ‘s CSR and CSV. Then, they received their Design Thinking Training to cultivate
and hone their skills. In July, they took a field trip to the Namyang R&D center of Hyundai Motors. And, they participated in the Do! Talk seminar, which was a meeting where the employees of the laboratory were given permission to discuss and gave feedback freely.
This was a part of a one-night-two-days ‘Design Camp’ program, in which the participants could specify and clarify their ideas and add
critical insights. In August, the participants joined the Mission Rounds H-Ondream Social Venture Audition,’ a start-up audition for
social enterprises, which provided them valuable experiences in developing their ideas into a viable business model. For the past five
months, it has been a pleasure to watch these creators improve their skills in a remarkable way. And, it gives us all a thrill as we wait
for the presentations of these creators in the ‘H Ombudsman Proposal Presentation.’

Young people’s innovative ideas bring about a better society(6)

The event started off with a video presentation showing the activities of the H Ombudsman Program so far, followed by the introduction
of the evaluators, including the Mentor Gilyoung Song, Mentor Denis Hong, Mentor Jeongtae Kim, and Vice President of Hyundai Motors,
Mr. Gwanggook Lee. A total of 100 participants from 19 teams in three different sections, which were Social Innovation, Product
Innovation, and Customer Value Innovation, participated in the H Ombudsman Proposal Presentation event. Of these, the six teams who
are chosen based on their excellent ideas will compete in the final rounds during the H-Ombudsman Festival scheduled for December.
At this point, we became even more curious about the new ideas of the H Ombudsmen who have been on a fast track program over
the past 168 days to bring about an innovation in Hyundai Motors Company. “Please pay attention to the ideas of the college students
who have been deliberating on what values will make people love Hyundai Motors." Then, the presentations started with an introduction
by Mr. Jeongtae Kim, who was the Social Innovation Mentor.

Young people’s innovative ideas bring about a better society(7)

Garnering Attention with Impressive Presentations

A burst of applause greeted the first presenter, H-Social Creator Sungwoo Han of the Able-Move Team.  His team members waved
placard and banners to cheer him on. Starting with a short video on the right of mobility for the blind, he gave his presentation on the
proposal to develop “Able Road,” which is a walking navigation system for the visually impaired. In summary, the presenter suggested
developing a walking navigation system for the visual impaired that provides voice instructions after identifying obstacles in the
surrounding environment based on the sophisticated autonomous driving technology of Hyundai Motors. The sincerity and thoughtfulness
with which these wonderful ideas were presented in an effort to enhance the mobility and safety of the visually impaired using advanced
technology created a lasting impression.

Young people’s innovative ideas bring about a better society(8)

Creator Jinsoo Kim, who was the second presenter from the High-five Team, created a stir with  his team’s ideas on the Training Car
program, which is a driving training program involving  retired baby boomers. Using the existing MyCar Story application, the proposal
was highly acclaimed as it could help the younger generation learn badly needed driving skills from experienced members of the older
generation and give such retired persons a much needed employment ‘High-Five will be the winner anyway in the end.’ The upbeat
catchphrase looks interesting, doesn’t it?

Young people’s innovative ideas bring about a better society(9)

Creator Myeongho Kim of the Back to the Past Team introduced their ‘Noble Road’ system, which secures the golden time for emergency
vehicles. The idea is to provide information about emergency vehicles to navigation systems using the data network of Hyundai Motors.
The idea gained a favorable response as it chimes well with the CSV values of Hyundai Motors who strive to make cars that are human

Young people’s innovative ideas bring about a better society(10)

Creator Youngwoo Kim of the Six Sense Team presented an idea that can help prevent and reduce accidents caused by senor drivers
who are 65 or older, as the number of such accidents caused by this group increases. The idea here is to establish a ‘Safe Road,’
which is a car sharing system with a discount price for Hyundai cars fitted with safety technology. This presentation was impressive and
heartwarming as the presenters showed their interest in and concern about addressing a modern social issue.

Young people’s innovative ideas bring about a better society(11)

Creator Yoonjo Jeong of the Zero-100 Team presented an idea based on the delivery car sharing service of Hyundai Capital, called
‘Dvery car’ The team came up with the idea of a service called ‘Delight,’ in which the customers of Dlivery car pick up handicapped
persons on their route to help them get about. The idea touched on some important issues related to mobility rights for the handicapped
and outlined a different kind of model of sharing that is distinct from existing car sharing services.

Young people’s innovative ideas bring about a better society(12)

The last presenter, Creator Jooyeong Jeong of the Unovation Team, presented their idea called “Purring Creativity Engine” in which
‘between careers’ women in the Ulsan area are trained as creativity cultural education experts. The team members demonstrated a
creativity playing program based on their own design thinking, which was highly acclaimed. We hope this program can be a CSV model
that invigorates Ulsan, which is also called the city of Hyundai Motors.
The unique and novel ideas of the H-Social Creators (Social Innovation Ombudsmen) generated an enthusiastic response at the event.
“The novel ideas of CSV that included not only ways to do some good things but also how to elicit and obtain new values were quite
“I was touched by the careful but insightful approaches and ideas.” These are some of the favorable comments given by the evaluators.

Young people’s innovative ideas bring about a better society(13)

These were followed by the presentations of the five Product Innovation Ombudsman teams led by Mentor Denis Hong. The teams
presented some innovative ideas including the ‘Blue Assistant’ proposal that seeks to further advance existing connected car systems
into a cloud-based system, ‘Windless Air-Conditioner and Ventilating Handles’ suggestion to promote  a more conformable driving
experience, the ‘Novel Car Seats’ plan that seeks to go beyond  existing paradigms regarding seats, and other ideas related to safety
systems for  vehicles.
During the event, the ‘Sonata Special Edition’, to which the product innovation ideas were actually applied, was revealed for the first time
and drew a considerable amount of attention. Customers were able to participate directly in providing ideas and suggestions on the core
parts of the vehicles and trims, and these ideas were used in commercially marketed vehicles for the first time in South Korea. This is
something you do not see every day in other countries. The H-Social Creators (Social Innovation Ombudsmen) also enjoyed this special
event a great deal and warmly applauded.

Young people’s innovative ideas bring about a better society(14)

During the Customer Value Innovation Ombudsmen presentations that followed the lunch, many intriguing ideas were presented including
the ‘Strategy for Making Genesis a Premium Brand,’ ‘CPR Project for the SNS Account of Hyundai Motors,’ ‘Hyundai Motors’ Unique
Strategy for Unveiling New Vehicles,’ ‘Improvement of the Brand Image of Hyundai Motors through the High Performance Brand - N,’
and ‘Strategies for Improving the Images of Blue Hands,’ which all represented a  tremendous amount of effort put into coming up
with new ideas in order to  provide more values to  customers.
The ideas presented by the 20 teams who participated in H-Ombudsman were all different. But, these proposals were all intended to
help develop and promote Hyundai Motors into a brand that is loved. Vice President Gwanggook Lee said, “All of these ideas were
terrific and all are worthy of serious consideration. We will continue to advance the H-Ombudsman into a signature program through
which Hyundai Motors and customers can communicate with one another.” It was a valuable opportunity for us to be reminded that all
company activities should originate from the customers.

Young people’s innovative ideas bring about a better society(15)

Now, the highlight of the event, that is, the announcement of the six teams with best proposals or ideas, began. There were so many
good and original ideas that it was very difficult to select from among them. Among the Social Innovation teams, the Zero-100 team and
Able Move team were recognized and commended for their excellent proposals. Both of these teams earned high marks due to their
in-depth review and consideration of social issues, intense field research efforts, and CSV ideas utilizing the technology of Hyundai

Young people’s innovative ideas bring about a better society(16)

The award for Product Innovation went to Team 1 which proposed the ‘Blue Assistant Service,’ Team 5 that proposed ‘the Introduction of
a New System for Safety,’ Team 4 for their ‘Strategy for Establishing the Brand Image for 2030 generations,’ and Team 7 that presented
‘Improvement of the Images of Hyundai Motors through the High Performance Brand -N.’ H-Ombudsman teams cheered one another and
hollered ‘Fighting’ to each other, regardless of who were selected and who were not. With the group photo, the H Ombudsman Proposal
Presentation, which was just like a festival, ended.

Young people’s innovative ideas bring about a better society(17)

Five Months dedicated to Social Innovation Turned into a Drama of Growth and Discovery

After the successful H Ombudsman Proposal Presentation, they moved to another venue and continued on with the graduation
and award ceremony for the 3rd Batch of H-Social Creators. This event was joined by the CSV Strategy Team and the MYSC
Researchers led by Mentor Jeongtae Kim, who supported and encouraged the creators over the entire program. Executive Director
Seonseop Kim of Hyundai Motors said in his encouragement speech to the creators, “It has been a pleasure to participate in these
meaningful efforts. I will remember for a long time the endeavors and passion that you showed me today.”

Young people’s innovative ideas bring about a better society(18)

The H-Social Creator Program was also a human drama in which the ‘actors’ learned how to grow and develop and begin the journey to
their dreams. Through the 3rd Batch of H-Social Creator program activities, the young participants delivered the values of CSV through
based on their boundless energy and enthusiasm. Hyundai Motors will keep working on to realize true social innovation for all, by going
beyond mere products and services.

[An Interview with the 3rd Batch H – Social Creator]
Zero-100 Team Creator Jiyeong Jeon / Able Move Team Creators Sungwoo Han and Hyerin Park  

Q) Please tell us about your experience with the 3rd Batch of H-Social Creator Program Activities.  

Jiyeong Jeon: I have never delved into a problem so deeply. And, I think I grew up a little bit as I gave so much thought to things and
worked so hard to get a good result. You know, a car is a very important medium to provide new experiences and values. And, it was
a meaningful experience for me to see how the ideas of college students could help create new values for automobiles.

Sungwoo Han: We were frustrated so many times as we prepared our proposal. But we always got on with things with a sense of
determination. I think I have learned how to be tenacious and never give up on something through the 3rd Batch H-Social Creator Program.
It is truly a valuable gift. I sincerely appreciate Hyundai Motors who supported us and provided us advice so that we could realize our


Hyerin Park: I was kind of bashful and afraid of expressing my opinion. However, I felt a great sense of reward as I was successful in
my first challenge. I will remember this sense of confidence that I gained through this program and intend to march on to achieve my
dreams. And, I am sure I will miss all my team mates with whom I shared all these new experiences and special moments.

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