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Information Type Asia/Pacific | Korea
Date Updated 2015-08-05
Subject A Step Closer to Trefoil
A Step Closer to Trefoil(1)

HMC’s Looking for Three-Leafed Clover project for finding dreams

“Looking for Three-Leafed Clover” campaign is one of Hyundai Motor Company’s landmark CSR programs. It is designed to support the children of traffic accident victims and assist them in planning wholesome dreams. At first, it started off with a “make-a-wish” type of support and diverse financial and product support. Currently, the campaign has extended its barrier to connecting the children with university student mentoring programs to give them strong support in their future path. “Looking for Three-Leafed Clover” campaign, which envisions HMC’s hopes for a safer and brighter community, has taken off. Let’s take a look at what had taken place at the opening ceremony.

A Step Closer to Trefoil(2)

On July 26, raindrops cooled the scorching summer heat. Hyundai Motor Company’s Paju Campus was full of energy with 160 mentors and mentees gathered together for the opening ceremony. This day marked the last day of “Looking for Three-Leafed Clover” mentoring camp, which was held for three days and four nights from July 23. During the mission journey at the camp, mentors and mentees have had the time to familiarize and to become closer to each other. In addition, based on specialized sessions like MBTI test, they prepared themselves for the mentoring activities. The mentors and mentees became closer as they spent more time with each other. Many were seen taking photographs together while they were waiting for the opening ceremony.

A Step Closer to Trefoil(3)

The ceremony started with a bright voice exclaiming, “We will start the opening ceremony for ‘2015 Looking for Three-Leafed Clover campaign’”. The first guests introduced were HMC CSV Strategy Team General Manager Kim Tae-uhn and Better World President Yeom Jin-su. They have paid a visit to the event to cheer the mentors and mentees who will sweat to realize their dreams. The guests’ greetings were followed by a loud applause from the 160 young people. The campaign, which started off with 40 mentors and mentees in 2013, has expanded in scale to 160 people. Hyundai Motor Company has been supporting the dreams of 1,300 children of traffic accident victims; the company unceasingly put efforts into helping teenagers in difficulties. As a result, the company came up with the “Looking for Three-Leafed Clover” campaign to support more children of traffic accident victims.

A Step Closer to Trefoil(4)

Mentoring camp, the start of the “Looking for Three-Leafed Clover” journey

A video that introduced the camp activities followed the guest welcoming session. During the three days and four nights, a variety of programs were in place to get the mentors and mentees to interact with each other and to motivate them. One of the programs included a mission journey to Seoul and a time-capsule production in groups. In the meantime, the mentors and mentees got the MBTI test and received mentoring lectures to further plan their future activities. When the video that captured their memories in Hongik University, Gwanghwamun and Namsan started to play, everyone smiled sweetly. Mentee Lee Chanjin who wants to become a teenager’s adviser said, “Interviewing foreigners in Namsan with my mentor Sejin was most memorable.” He smiled while he recalled the memories from the mission trip. The two people have already come up with specific plans such as a visit to a reform school and teenager’s adviser interview. Likewise, the members of this year’s campaign seemed to have gained confidence and courage about their future activities based on their experiences at the three day and four night mentoring camp.

A Step Closer to Trefoil(5)

General Manager Kim Tae-uhn said, “Speed doesn’t matter. It’s okay if you cannot find your dream right away. You will meet your dream as long as you know the way”. He told interesting stories which amazed the members. Especially, the stories of a person who couldn’t find a dream path finally becoming an actor and a friend who loved music becoming a popular composer have grabbed the mentees’ interests. A teenaged mentee may find their dreams and career path obscure. However, they seem to have put away the burden after General Manager Kim said that the direction is more important than speed. Afterwards, President Yeom Jin-su said “You will become absolutely happy when you find something that you really want to do,” encouraging many people. One hundred sixty members have become encouraged with the stories narrated by the seniors who cheered their path.

A Step Closer to Trefoil(6)

Mentor Ku Tae-hoon came up to the stage to deliver message of cheers. Mentor Ku participated as a mentee in 2013 project. At that time, Tae-hoon participated in the campaign aggressively with the dream of becoming an “inventor”. Thanks to the advice given by his university student mentor, he was awarded for his discovery at an invention competition and he even got a patent for his invention. Tae-hoon is now majoring in Electronics Engineering at a university, which he had dreamt of studying. Mentor Ku Tae-hoon delivered his message of cheers by telling his own story of getting closer to his dream. He said, “The activities entailed in searching for my dream, which was done together with my reliable mentor Min-woong, have given me much courage.” The mentors and mentees who are visualizing the activities they will be involved in through the “Looking for Three-Leafed Clover” project, which will be the nutriment in their lives, looked serious.

A Step Closer to Trefoil(7)

Hyundai Motor Company, a pace maker that runs along with young people

“I, Kim Jun-seok, hereby confirm that I will be committed to HMC’s 2015 Looking for Three-Leafed Clover project as a mentee,” said Kim Jun-seok, the representative of the mentees, in his pledge made on the stage. Then, mentor Min Tae-hong responded in a powerful voice saying that he will keep his dignity and passion as a mentor. The passion of the mentors and the aspirations of mentee were seen. After the pledge, a letter of appointment was finally conferred. These two people who have received the letter of appointment on behalf of others wore big smiles. The members watching this also cheered with a loud applause.

A Step Closer to Trefoil(8)

While mentee Kim Jun-seok and mentor Min Tae-hong read out the pledge on behalf of others, all the members made a pledge too. These pledges made were seen through the “three of my pledge” set on the stage. Mentor Kim Ka-hyun’s resolution, “I will not give up no matter what”, and mentee Park Yoon-young’s pledge, “I will put my best with my mentor”, have decorated the tree. The members seemed to have deeply thought not only about specific plans but also about the obstacles they may face. These brave commitments will prop up the activities that they will undertake during their journey to their dreams which will take six months of time.

A Step Closer to Trefoil(9)

After the letter of appointment was given, the “Looking for Three-Leafed Clover” project finally got started. In celebration of this precious moment, colorful paper planes flew up in the sky. These are not just simple paper planes; they were precious letters that conveyed the hopes, dreams and activity plans that each mentor and mentee has. Mentee Kim Young-ho, who dreams of becoming a patisserie, said that he will register for patisserie class and participate in the coffee and bakery related exhibitions. He said that he also showed his gratitude towards Chan-mi, his mentor, in his paper airplane letter. With thanks and affection towards each other, the paper airplane flew high, marking a successful closing. These letters will be stored in the savings box and will be opened after six months. The mentors and mentees will appreciate themselves better having become more mature when they read these letters later on.

A Step Closer to Trefoil(10)

The opening ceremony for the “2015 Looking for Three-Leafed Clover” has successfully ended, and the journey for dreams has started. The path may not be always smooth, and perhaps, the members may face adversity and tough times. However, they will one day come across their beautiful dreams as long as they walk together. Hyundai Motor Company will run along with these 160 young people until their dreams bloom into a three-leafed clover.

A Step Closer to Trefoil(11)

Mentor Nam Hyun-ji/ Mentee Park Hyun-su

Mentor Nam Hyun-ji : I am a new elementary school teacher and also a student at a graduate school of education. I have always been interested in activities related to helping students find their dreams. That is why I applied as a mentor for this good program. I would want to help my mentee, Hyun-su, to find her way to her dreams and experience some good memories that can be cherished. Hyun-su has a very clear goal of becoming an actress. With her positive attitude, I think it will be a fun and enjoyable journey.

Mentee Park Hyun-su : I have been participating in the “Looking for Three-Leafed Clover” project since 2013 as a mentee. Through this project, I felt that I was growing every year. My previous mentor told me a popular quote by Andre Malraux, “A person longing for any dream for a long time resembles that dream at last”. Whenever I am confronted with difficulties, I recall that quote. This year, I will also be engaged in many activities with Hyun-ji, my mentor, in a hope to achieve my goal. We will work together to prepare myself for an admission into the Korea National University of Arts and I promised her that I will apply for as many auditions as possible. Cheers to the friends and mentors in search of the three-leafed clovers!

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